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Electronics, lighting, solar energy and educational kits

We are manufacturer of industrial electronic, with the trade-mark Cebek , and the educational kits ,with the trade-mark  Cebekit . We import little solar panels ,and solar gadgets, with the trade-mark   Fadisol . We import spectacular lights with the trade-mark Expelec ,and soldering station Startec , all of first europe trade-marks , with more than  2000 products in stock. Innovation, electronic, clean energy, and didactical robotic are ours identity. 

Last news

We have developed a complete range of 10 products, compatible with Arduino and AT Mega 328. The odd models: AT-01, AT-03, AT-05, AT-07 and AT-09 are 5 models designed to simplify the designs Based on ARDUINO and solve in a practical and professional way the connection.

The AT-02, AT-04, AT-06, AT-08, and AT-10 models are all developed based on the Arduino compatible Mega 328 AT, allowing you to develop any design, presentation and connection of the product, in a professional way.